Biomechanics, Motion Capture, Pressure Measurement

Clinical Biomechanics Workshop 2015

This year our SCCB pre-conference workshop was held on 23rd April at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent.

We would like to thank everyone who attended on the day and contributed to the workshop, it turned out to be yet another great day.

This year, the workshop was exploring how the use of new and existing technologies can be used for clinical applications related to lower limb biomechanical assessment. We had live demonstrations and interactive presentations on pressure measurement technology from Tekscan, sEMG from Delsys and 2D/3D Motion Analysis from SIMI. We also experimented with how these systems can interact and work alongside each other (thanks to our guinea pig, Josh).

Again we were welcomed by Nachi Chockalingam and his staff at Staffordshire University and would like to thank them for helping us with our workshop.

Special thanks to Emma Cowley (Lecturer in Podiatry, University of Plymouth) for kindly facilitating the day and providing some excellent presentations, and also our speakers Steven Lindley, Delsys Inc., and Philipp Russ, SIMI GMbH.