Celebrating Dr Norman Murphy
Biomechanics, Pressure Measurement

Celebrating Dr Norman Murphy

For almost two decades, Dr Norman Murphy was a very important part of the Tekscan team. His contributions were many including new product development, marketing, and education.
Before his illness, he could often be found at many key events and lecturing throughout the world, his true passion. Norm was a world-renowned expert in biomechanics and gait analysis with numerous published research papers that made him a global thought leader on these subjects.
His commitment and passion for the medical field is how Norman will be remembered. He will be dearly missed, but his contributions will remain.

“Norm’s” reach was global, but here specifically in the UK he will be remembered for the support he provided at numerous Biomechanics Workshops we hosted, sharing his intimate knowledge of Pressure Measurement and always keeping things relevant to the clinical audience. Norm also lectured regularly at the Staffordshire Conference in Clinical Biomechanics which Biosense Medical has supported as a sponsor for many years.
On a personal level, Norm helped Colin and I develop our skills in pressure measurement, usually over a pint of real ale after a long day lecturing, he was always happy to take time to teach others.

He will be greatly missed by our many customers who got to know him and the whole team at Biosense Medical, it is assuring to know that his influences will continue to be found in the Tekscan software for many years to come and I will always be thinking of him when I hit that 3B icon in the software.

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