Simi Markerless
Biomechanics, Motion Capture

Simi Markerless Motion Capture training – Munich

This week, Josh & I travelled to Simi HQ in Unterschleißheim (just outside of Munich) to meet the fantastic team they have working there and to put faces to names (and email addresses), our main goal for the trip however was to have intense 2 day training on the marker-less motion capture system.

We believe (after discussion over a bratwurst and Weissbier) that the trip was completely successful and that we have been equipped with the knowledge and tools to be able to provide ongoing support, initial presentations and demonstrations on the system configurations and the science behind it.

We receive our state-of-the-art markerless system in the New Year and are almost ready to get on the road and show the industries what a spectacular piece of equipment Simi have produced and how beneficial it will be to each potential client.

Thank you to Simi HQ and all involved for making us feel welcome, answering our queries, and training us in depth in a short time frame.