StrideWay Angled Case
Biomechanics, Inertial Measurement, Motion Capture, Pressure Measurement

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We are very excited to announce that our new equipment is available for your free on-site demonstrations.

Tekscan Strideway

We have a new, 3-tile, high resolution Strideway from Tekscan, which is the first truly modular gait analysis platform in the industry, and is a low profile, floor walkway solution that captures multiple sequential foot strikes of humans and animals alike. The Strideway is available for purchase in 21 variations (based on length and resolution) – we have no doubt that one of these solutions meets your requirements. The Strideway provides objective information on force and plantar pressure, plus temporal (time), spatial (distance), and kinetic (movement) parameters at the click of a button, with instant reports and access to all of the relevant data you need to ensure fluidity and efficiency in your assessments. If you are a researcher, then not only are these functions ideal for you, but there is also the added bonus of the ‘research software’ which can enable raw data access and SDK functionality via the various add-ons available, as well as trigger synchronisation with many of your current devices, and many of our available purchases. Find out more information here.

Simi Markerless Motion Capture

Similarly, we also have a new, 8 camera, fully markerless, motion capture system from Simi, which is the world’s first and only 3D markerless motion capture system with gold-standard accuracies. Based on multiple high-speed cameras mounted around the capture volume, Simi’s algorithms are able to capture a biomechanical model, based on 21 Segments and 6 degrees of freedom. Simi’s cameras calibrate in sub 1mm tracking areas. This research-grade motion capture system has higher test-retest reliability and objectivity in comparison to marker-based capture, as well as data which correlates highly for segment velocities, segment accelerations, and joint angles in different joint movements (in each plane), and produces almost identical data for segCoGs and CoGs. We believe that once you’ve seen the system’s endless possibilities, you will understand why Simi’s markerless motion capture is the new gold standard. If you work or research in professional sport, the practicality and fluidity of Simi’s markerless system is second to none, without athlete interaction or need for a lab environment, your data is automatically tracked and calculated with lower processing times. If you work or research with animals, the same applies, think about how much time you will save not having to put markers on your animals (or hope that they don’t shake/bite/knock them off). Find out more information here.

We would like to reiterate that we can provide you with a demonstration on-site for either of these products, as well as any product from our range of Tekscan pressure products, Simi motion capture solutions, or APDM wearable sensors. Feel free to contact us today on 01245 495002 or via