Tekscan HR Mat for sale
Biomechanics, Pressure Measurement

Reconditioned Tekscan pressure mat for sale

We have the rare opportunity to provide for sale a reconditioned (ex Hospital stock) Tekscan HR (High Resolution) floor pressure mat. These items come up for second hand sale very infrequently and even more rarely are we, as the official partner for Tekscan Inc. in the UK and Ireland able to provide an authorised reconditioned system.

The software is very highly spec’d including Research grade software as well as the Tekscan Stance Time Analysis Module (STAM) and video synchronisation through webcam. A new system of this specification would retail at a list price of around £17,750.00 incl. VAT.

The system uses the VersaTek hardware which could easily be upgraded to also measure in-shoe pressure measurement.

The system would be supplied with the latest v7.xx FootMat software which is fully compatible with Windows 10 and includes Tekscan’s automated reporting for plantar pressure, force and timing. A PC could also be provided as part of the sale if desired.

Sale of the equipment would include full user training if required.

P.O.A. – this is a one off opportunity and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

HR Mat is a high-resolution, advanced floor mat designed to capture plantar pressure & forces for both adults and small children. The HR Mat™ platform uses Tekscan’s highest spatial sensor resolution to accurately profile anatomical locations on the plantar surface. Working with Tekscan’s innovative software to provide users with reliable pressure data for studying foot function and gait. The HR Mat is ideal for studying the pediatric population because the high resolution sensor supports visualisation of the effect of small bones and other components of the foot. This single foot strike mat is ideal for both clinicians and researchers alike.

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