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Getting the most of F-Scan and FootMat with v7 software

Tekscan’s F-Scan (in-shoe)  and FootMat (mat) version 7 software has been out for some time now and the vast majority of our users have already upgraded to take advantage of the latest features, but a visit to a longstanding customer today prompted this post as I realise there is still a minority out there missing out. If this includes you, read on to find out how version 7 could be making your pressure mapping life so much easier.

F-Scan & FootMat v7 was a major update to what was already a comprehensive pressure mapping software suite but it addressed some regular feedback on the time it could take to analyse the data and especially in a clinical setting this technology is only going to be accepted if it is time efficient.

Here are just a few highlights of the new benefits found within version 7 software:

  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • See Force vs Time graphs in real-time
  • Increase patient and practitioner understanding with Automated Reports
  • Bring data outside of the Tekscan software into a universal Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format. Easier to share, save within patient management systems and print.
  • Automated 3-box analysis for force and time metrics
  • Automated detection and analysis of peak pressure
  • Temporal gait measures (F-Scan only)
  • Centre of Force velocity analysis, previously only available through calculations external to the software

See for yourself just how simple analysis could be

Tekscan repors

If you haven’t already upgraded then let us show you just how much time we would be saving on your data analysis.

P.S. – Our research community loves v7 just as much as our clinical users. We have dramatically reduced the number of hours many students and researchers have spent on what would have previously been manual analysis just by switching to the v7 automated protocols.

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