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Advance your system knowledge with refresher training

We’ve seen a really positive surge recently in existing users scheduling refresher training for capital equipment previously purchased from us. It’s a great sign that we have a very active user base who want to ensure they are using the equipment to the best of their ability and also indicates to me that we have equipment which previously lay dormant and is now being brought back into regular use. The latter is not something I love to see but is unfortunately not all that uncommon, especially within academia where perhaps the equipment was purchased for a specific research project which has since been completed and it has taken some time before the equipment has been made available for more regular use (as a teaching aid for example).

Regular application support via remote link is something we provide on a weekly basis and offer to all our users, this is something that we pride ourselves on being able to provide free of charge for the lifetime of the equipment and is invaluable for those one to one support cases where the client wants to just spend 5-10 minutes asking a few quick questions. But what we are increasingly seeing is users who want to book something more formal, on site and often to a group of users. This could involve us going through a full system training from A-Z because there has been staff turnover and the need to train colleagues on how to get started on the equipment. Or, in the case of my visit last week it was one of our long standing Tekscan F-Scan in-shoe pressure measurement Commercial R&D departments who had a good working knowledge of the system and how to collect good quality data, but wanted to ensure they were making the most of the vast analysis features.

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