COVID-19 - Biosense Medical service status update

COVID-19 – Biosense Medical service status update

Biosense Medical is monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact, and doing all we can to make safe and reassure our staff, customers and prospective new clients. This statement will be regularly updated as the latest advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)World Health Organisation (WHO) and Public Health England (PHE) and other sources becomes available.

Firstly and most importantly; we are pleased to inform that we will continue with business as usual (with a few slight changes to the schedule). Remote working, online video conferencing for product demonstration and remote computer assisted support are all practices which we have adopted for many years and so in that respect we are able to continue to support our community in this way.

Consumable supplies:

We are working diligently with our suppliers to ensure our supply-chain remains unaffected by the current global situation and we remain in a position to promptly process and deliver all consumables. Our turnaround time for consumables held in stock remains 1-2 days from receipt of order (subject to our courier services continuing to be able to provide their standard delivery time-frame, typically next day delivery for mainland UK). We hold good stock of all our most common products which also have very good shelf life. Irrespective of the current situation surrounding COVID-19 you can improve consumable order processing time by ensuring the following:

  • Ensure the handling and carriage charge is stated on the official purchase order.
  • Ensure the correct and up to date price is stated against each line item (you can find the latest product pricing on our web-shop).
  •  Ensure the purchase order includes contact details (phone or email) for the procurement contact in case of an order query.
Equipment support

We are limiting our travel in line with the latest government guidance and in most cases we are finding that local NHS Trust and University policies are also limiting external visitor attendance. However we are still able to provide remote technical support to all our existing customers as we always have done. We adopt a range of tools to enable us to provide everything from basic telephone support through to remote PC connection and video conferencing. This means that wherever we are, and wherever you are, if you’re in need of support then we can help. It is unusual for our product range to require on-site technical support anyway so customers should see little change to the service we can provide here. Visit our Support Page for further assistance or Contact Us.

Equipment demonstration

We appreciate that in many cases, the procurement of new equipment is currently not at the forefront of many people’s minds, however business must also continue and we are here to answer your new product enquiries and demonstrate the technology to you. As with the product support, with the current technology available for remote connection and video conferencing we continue to be able to provide full product demonstrations, presentations and answer queries over email. At present we are limiting on site demonstrations for the safety of our staff and those we are visiting, but this is something we will closely monitor and update as appropriate. However other than physically seeing the product and getting hands on, there is very little that cannot be achieved remotely. We are able to provide live data collection of most technologies over video conferencing and have a vast library of historical demo data for most applications. So despite everything that is currently going on, if you want to learn more about our products and services please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.