Tekscan F-Scan64; compact and affordable in-shoe pressure measurement
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Tekscan F-Scan64; compact and affordable in-shoe pressure measurement

We’re pleased to announce the release of Tekscan’s smallest, most efficient and most affordable in-shoe pressure measurement system to date; F-Scan64™.

Tekscan’s F-Scan VersaTek in-shoe pressure measurement technology has long been the gold standard for in-shoe plantar foot pressure measurement and continues to be our premium product for those who require very high sensor resolution, advanced hardware and software capability and flexibility to alternate between different sensor types.

F-Scan64 has been developed to meet the needs of clinicians and clinical researchers who require a quick and simple in-shoe system which focuses on ease of data collection and minimal setup. The F-Scan64 is a cord-free in-shoe system with micro-sized, Bluetooth™-enabled electronics allowing for quick, natural gait analysis.

F-Scan64 system
  • Effortless Set Up: System set-up is 3 minutes or less
  • Data the Way You Want It: Get access to raw data for research calculations and clinical reports for patient education
  • Freedom of Movement: Compact system allows for natural gait collection
  • Versatile Applications: With scan rates up 100 Hz capture data for a variety of dynamic gait activities
  • Objectively Track Progress: Easily compare pre- and post-intervention to monitor outcomes

F-Scan64 combines Tekscan’s fastest in-shoe system set-up time with visual analysis software equipped with essential gait parameters and reporting features. F-Scan64 helps clinicians and research obtain a basic understanding of gait function and dynamics:

  • Pressure and force data
  • Centre of force
  • Timing Parameters
  • Cadence
  • Step Time
  • Swing Time
  • Stance Time

The software includes many of the features found in F-Scan’s premium solution that have proved vital to our user community which includes NHS and Private Podiatrists, Clinical Researchers, Gait Analysis Labs, Sports Science Researchers and those involved in Clinical Rehabilitation:

  • 3-Box and Peak Pressure Reports
  • Segment the foot for deeper analysis
  • Isolate areas of highest pressure
  • Side-by-side comparison for pre- and post-recordings
  • Patient database
  • ASCII data output

Ready to learn more about how we can help meet your plantar pressure mapping and gait analysis needs?

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