Active Marker Motion Capture

Simi Aktisys is a quick and simple way of conducting dynamic movement analysis; processed data can be obtained with just three clicks of the mouse. The software uses coloured LED markers to calculate measurements from pre-recorded videos or directly from a live-stream. Years of work on high-performance algorithm developments have led to the production of Simi Aktisys, it is able to recognise and identify markers in real-time on video recordings providing automated joint angle and distance metrics. This milestone in the advancement of video analysis technique was achieved by Simi in collaboration with research partners from all over the world.

What makes Simi Aktisys unique?

Simi Aktisys is a time saving, efficient, and cost effective movement analysis system. With the fully automatic tracking of coloured LED markers, Simi Aktisys reduces analysis time, and delivers a better quality of data for your work. The software employs the most up-to-date technology available and excels in its user friendly qualities.

Small markers are tracked automatically on the camera image, captured during the recording and the resulting data is put at your disposal. As a result, rapid analysis using reliable data, as well as biofeedback solutions, are possible. Simi Aktisys is a simple product which can be set up and ready for use in no time at all. A key feature is that the software allows users who have little experience with computers, but require a quick and meaningful analysis, to conduct simple but meaningful analysis. For this reason, Aktisys abstains from having numerous product variants, but is instead delivered in one configuration which is specific to the needs of the user.

What is the operational procedure for Simi Aktisys?

Aktisys records videos and analyses data directly from the live-stream using a high-speed camera, providing instant results. For this, Aktisys captures active coloured LED markers automatically. Data and videos can then undergo further analysis and be viewed in play-back mode. Aktisys provides a meaningful report with data and pictures from the video, that can be documented and archived. Data and text can also be added to the video play-back, and then saved.

What results do I get from Simi Aktisys?

You receive direct biofeedback and immediate movement data such as angles, distances, axes and other parameters. You can output these directly in well designed reports.

Simi Aktisys 2D

Recording from a single high speed camera, Simi Aktisys 2D provides movement analysis in a single plane.

The software includes many standard protocols for gait, running, cycling and jump analysis, each with tests available in both the sagittal and frontal/posterior plane and each including a specific clinical report referencing moments within the movement.

Aktisys 2D can be supplied with multiple cameras allowing for easy of recording when a user wishes to capture sagittal and frontal/posterior during the same session without the need to re-position the hardware during use.

Simi Aktisys is a turnkey solution including all hardware, software, PC, installation and training.

Simi Aktisys 3D

Maintaining the simplicity and efficiency that is at the heart of Aktisys whilst at the same time bringing more accurate and advanced data than Aktisys 2D. By using 2 calibrated cameras the system calculates 3D data, which is more accurate than 2D data, and allows for the calculation of parameters in the transversal plane (rotations). With 3D data it is possible to measure parameters in different planes without the need of placing a camera in each plane. As all data is measured in three dimensions this allows for example, measurement of extension/flexion, abduction/adduction, and rotation of the hip with only two cameras positioned frontal of the patient.

Simi Aktisys 3D is very easy to use. The measurement process is identical to Simi Aktisys 2D: choose protocol, select start, real-time measurement, select stop and get an automatic report immediately. For 3D measurements cameras have to be calibrated. Therefore, Simi Aktisys 3D includes a very easy and automatic 3D calibration based on a checkerboard pattern.