Clinical In-Shoe Pressure Measurement

F-Scan64, the latest installment within the F-Scan family of in-shoe pressure mapping systems, is a cord-free in-shoe system with micro-sized electronics for natural gait analysis ideal for clinical researchers. Quickly set up the system and be ready to collect data in three minutes or less.

  • Get insights into essential gait parameters like pressure and force data, gait timing and Center of Force (CoF) data to immediately identify asymmetries.
  • One-click protocols for foot function and pressure analysis with external reports
  • Thin, pre-sized sensors built on Tekscan’s accurate sensing technology for quick and easy insertion into shoe
F-Scan64 system

F-Scan64 for Clinicians:
Leading podiatrists, physical therapists, certified pedorthists and orthotists/prosthetists around the world have benefited from using the F-Scan VersaTek system. Now, clinicians can benefit from the speed and ease of use from the F-Scan64 system, perform test/re-test quickly and generate print-friendly reports for documenting patient progress at the click of a button.

  • Aid in identifying pathologies and making accurate diagnoses
  • Objectively evaluate the effectiveness of orthotics and treatments
  • Educate patients about their pathologies and treatments
  • Increase patient satisfaction and generate more referrals
  • Provide documentation of treatments and progress

F-Scan64 for Clinical Researchers:
Clinical Researchers are often dealing with large patient numbers and will benefit from the ease of use the F-Scan64 system presents.

  • Completely cord-free experience for the participant
  • Get access to raw data for research calculations
  • Scan rates up 100 Hz capture data for a variety of dynamic gait activities
  • Easily compare pre- and post-intervention to monitor outcomes
  • Collect data within 10 meter (30 ft.) range of computer