In-Shoe Pressure Measurement

The F-Scan VersaTek® In-shoe pressure measurement system is used for the objective measurement of force, area, pressure and time under the plantar surface of the foot. This can be used for the assessment of foot biomechanics, and the evaluation of footwear and orthotics.

  • Three versions: Tethered, Wireless and Datalogger
  • One-click protocols for foot function and pressure analysis with
    external reports
  • Optional synchronised digital video
  • Upgrade paths to alternative sensor designs for additional pressure applications such as Mat, Grip, Prosthetic, Seat & Body and Hoof/Saddle.

F-Scan for Researchers:
Researchers can feel confident using the best-in-class tool for profiling anatomical locations on the plantar surface. Research software is available with additional features for more in-depth analysis.

  • Offers the highest resolution sensors available for accurate data
  • Synchronise recordings with other complimentary gait lab products like video,
    EMG and 3D motion capture systems
  • Captures temporal parameters in addition to pressure and force
  • Displays force vs. time graphs and pressure profiles in real time
  • Position and trajectories for center of force (CoF) during stance phases of gait

F-Scan for Clinicians:
Leading podiatrists, physical therapists, certified pedorthists and orthotists/prosthetists around the world have benefited from using the F-Scan system. Now, clinicians can generate print-friendly reports for documenting patient progress at the click of a button.

  • Aid in identifying pathologies and making accurate diagnoses
  • Objectively evaluate the effectiveness of orthotics and treatments
  • Educate patients about their pathologies and treatments
  • Increase patient satisfaction and generate more referrals
  • Provide documentation of treatments and progress

For further details on all three systems and a full system specification, visit the Tekscan website