Passive Marker Motion Capture

Simi Motion 2D/3D is a comprehensive and precise motion analysis platform suitable for a range of applications including teaching, scientific research and advanced clinical practice. The system can be tailored to the specific needs of a user, including the integration of many external devices such as sEMG, EEG, ECG, force plates, pressure measurement and more.

What makes Simi Motion 2D/3D unique?

In comparison to the majority of products available on the market, Simi Motion uses zero infrared technology but utilises image based techniques.High quality video recordings with high frame rates and high resolutions are captured and saved using synchronised industrial cameras.Using the latest algorithms of image processing, Simi Motion can capture motion in detail and calculate 2D/3D data. As with the other systems, Simi Motion has marker-based automatic tracking to calculate marker positions. It is however also possible to track using markerless methods, such as pattern matching or silhouette tracking using no markers. The years of research and development which Simi have invested in this area have enabled research, for which infrared systems simply do not suffice.

The operator of Simi Motion is able to use affordable industrial cameras; with Simi software, you receive the best data quality and operation speeds available. Image based technology is the future of movement analysis and Simi is the market leader in this area.

What is the working process with Simi Motion 2D/3D?

Simi Motion offers the complete range of recording, processing, editing and analysis of data. The individual steps comprise of …

  • Movement recordings with synchronised cameras, in addition to the logging of data from supplementary measuring devices such as EMG, force plates and others (if available)
  • 2D or 3D movement data capture through the tracking of joint centres, with or without the use of markers.
  • Movement data calculations (position, path, velocity, acceleration etc.)
  • Movement and sensory data processing for the individual calculation of analysis parameters and evaluation
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Data exportation into further programmes where necessary
  • Setup and system requirements
  • Simi Motion System with 8 cameras
  • Cameras must be positioned around the capture volume
  • Background seen by cameras must be stable and have good contrast to subject
Simi Motion Marker-based System applications ideas
  • Teaching of marker-based tracking to undergrad students
  • Gait Laboratory
  • Study of movement in animals: rodent, horses, dogs for example
  • Sports science labs looking for image based motion capture
  • Advanced clinical users requiring multiple tools: motion capture, sEMG, force-plate etc.
  • Pre- and post-surgical evaluations
What results do I get with Simi Motion?

Scientifically precise movement data for kinematics, kinetics, sEMG and pressure (position, speeds, accelerations, angles, distances, etc) with synchronised data from additional measurement devices such as sEMG measurements or force plates. This data can be processed further to obtain additional analysis parameters (further angles, mathematical calculations, filtered and rectified sEMG data, phases, events, etc) according to requirements.

All results and calculations can be displayed in standard reports or in individual report drafts, but can also be stored in ASCII, C3D and other formats, to allow straight forward transportation into other programmes. For 3D animations, it is also possible to export files in certain 3D formats such as bvh, maya, lws and Filmbox.