Tekscan FlexiForce A401 Sensor


FlexiForce force sensors are ultra-thin and flexible printed circuits, which can be easily integrated into force measurement applications.

The A401 has a 2-pin connector. We highly recommend you use A401 sensors with the Tekscan Quickstart Board; a finished single voltage source circuit, if you are not using your own electronics or multimeter.

This is Tekscan’s standard sensor with the largest sensing area: 25.4mm (1in.).
A401 sensors are available in one force range: 111N (0-25lb). The force ranges stated are approximations. The dynamic range of this force sensor can be modified by changing the drive voltage and adjusting the resistance of the feedback resistor.

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Sensor Thickness: 0.203 mm (0.008 in.)
Force Sensor Length: 56.9 mm
Sensing Size (Diameter/Width):  25.4 mm
Standard Force:  111 N
31138 N
Temperature Range (Low): -40 °C
Temperature Range (High):  60 °C
Connector: 2-pin Male Square Pin
Substrate: Polyester
Pin Spacing: 2.54 mm (0.1 in.)
Notes:  Tekscan’s largest circular FlexiForce standard sensor.

Typical Performance

Linearity (Error): < ±3% of Full Scale (Line drawn from 0 to 50% load)
Repeatability: < ±2.5% (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)
Hysteresis: < 4.5 % of Full Scale (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)
Drift: <5% / logarithmic time (Constant Load of 111 N (25 lb))
Response Time: < 5 µsec (Time required for the sensor to respond to an input force; Impact load – recorded on Oscilloscope)
Operating Temperature:  -40°C – 60°C (-40°F – 140°F)
Acceptance Criteria: ±40% sensor-to-sensor variation
Durability: ≥ 3 million actuations (Perpendicular load, room temperature, 22 N (5 lb))
Temperature Sensitivity: 0.36%/°C (± 0.2%/°F) (Conductive heating)

All data above was collected utilizing an Op Amp Circuit. If your application cannot allow an Op Amp Circuit, consult the FlexiForce Integration Guide, or contact a FlexiForce Applications Engineer.

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