Retail Foot Pressure Measurement

Engage & Educate with Tekscan’s Footprint Plus™

Maximise customer engagement, boost consumer satisfaction
& increase sales with Tekscan Digital Footprint Technology.

Automatically characterise the arch type for each foot, show foot roll during walking, measure weight distribution, and display the pressure mapping of each foot to easily identify high pressure locations. Interactive software boosts engagement between sales associates and customers, ultimately improving the retail footwear buying experience.

The combination of Tekscan’s tablet-based Footprint Plus application software and its Footprint Plus Wireless measurement platform result in a compelling retail solution that engages and educates your customers about their foot type, foot roll and footwear options.


We are not tied to any orthotic, insole or shoe company so we don’t require that you recommend or carry specific brands. You are free to select the brands you want to carry in your store.

Custom Solutions
Our team of software and hardware engineers will work with you to design a customised system that delivers a valuable, interactive shopping experience while maintaining your specific brand and marketing needs. Here’s just a few of the endless possibilities:

Product branding to match your identity:
Match your brand identity by adding logos, incorporating branding elements, or selecting colour schemes for both the hardware and software

Integration with existing data management systems:
Manage customer information through one system with communication between Footprint Plus software and CRM or POS systems

Additional software development:
Specialised measurements or automatic product recommendations