Third Party Hardware Software and Networking Policy

Whilst in many cases it is possible to utilise your own hardware, or add additional hardware or software to the items supplied by Biosense Medical to form an operational system, please be aware of the following:

  • Biosense Medical is only responsible for the parts and items that have been directly supplied by ourselves.
  • The safe and correct functioning of any hardware or software supplied by the customer is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Any interfacing or other work required to complete a working system is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Biosense Medical will test the components supplied by the company prior to shipment, however any failure of the supplied components to operate correctly with other hardware or software not supplied by Biosense Medical is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • If a PC is used which is not supplied as part of the system by Biosense Medical, then the company (Biosense Medical) is not responsible for any aspects of ensuring that the PC is suitable for purpose.
  • Any warranty obligations will only be for items provided by Biosense Medical, and our warranty does not extend to ensuring functionality of any hardware (including PC’s and printers) not supplied by ourselves.
  • In all cases Biosense Medical will charge a fee for any technical work required to ensure functionality of components not supplied by Biosense Medical. This includes any work during the warranty (or extended warranty period)
  • Any products originally supplied by Biosense Medical that have been returned to the company for warranty or non-warranty repair will be fully tested on our own hardware, however we cannot offer any form of guarantee that your own hardware will function correctly.
  • In all cases we are happy to work with our customers to assist in correct functionality of their own hardware, but this will be subject to a charge.
  • Should any hardware or software be added, or any changes made to the supplied system (including but not limited to networking changes or security alterations), then please be aware that any changes or alteration in the correct functionality of the supplied system falls outside our warranty terms. In all cases Biosense Medical cannot be held responsible for any failure of correct function if changes have been made. A labour charge will be made for technical support required in these cases.
  • If a customer wishes to add a computer that was supplied by Biosense Medical to their domain/network they do so accepting that Biosense Medical will hold no responsibility for any adverse behaviour this may have on the PC. The customer will be responsible for any Operating System updates that are applied to the system as a result of it being added to the network and any adverse behaviour on the system as a result.
  • Should a computer that was supplied by Biosense Medical suffer functionality issues as a result of being added to a customers network we will offer to restore the PC back to the original supplied state to prove functionality, this work will be charged at our standard service rate.
  • If there is any doubt as to the minimum computer specification requirements for equipment supplied by Biosense Medical please get in touch. We will always be able to provide the manufacturer’s recommendations.