We are the official partner for APDM Wearable Technologies in the UK and Ireland and are proud to have represented them since 2013.

APDM manufactures high-end wearable sensor systems for movement and behavioural analysis. Formed in 2007, APDM’s mission is to develop and commercialise best-in-class solutions for quantifying human movement with wearable technologies. The initial goal was an unobtrusive wearable movement sensor capable of logging high bandwidth data from people with Parkinson’s disease for weeks at a time. The company name, APDM, was chosen based on this initial inspiration and application. It stands for Ambulatory Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring.

The core of all of their solutions is their research-grade wearable sensor built for ultimate control, and possess:

  • High sampling rate
  • Streaming to MATLAB, Java, Python, C
  • Access to raw kinematic data
  • Synchronisation with other systems
  • 8-16 hours battery life
  • Wireless synchronisation with up to 24 Opals on one network
  • Ability to stream or log data
  • Gyroscope + accelerometer
  • Over 30 days of kinematic data storage
  • Ability to record natural movements, anywhere
  • Real-time results with latency less than 30ms

Today, applications for APDM technology include gait and balance analysis, fall risk, kinematics, continuous at-home recording, and more.