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Ear Electrodes


Press-stud electrode leads


Reusable Alligator Clip set


Disposable “wet-gel” electrodes


“Wet-gel” disposable clip-stud electrodes


Reusable clip-stud cables with touch-proof plug


Connection cables for M0835 disposable non-metallic silver chloride electrodes


Disposable non-metallic silver chloride electrodes


MediMax disposable stick-on electrodes

Technomed disposable electrode


AMBU disposable electrode


Ambu disposable tab electrodes


Technomed reusable Single Fibre EMG needle electrode


Technomed EMG needle electrode cable


Technomed Silverline disposable EMG needle electrode


Technomed Plaquette disposable ground electrode


Ambu Neuroline disposable ground electrode


Ground strap electrode


Stainless-steel NCV electrode


Stimulation / Recording bar electrode