Mavidon® Collodion HV 15ml Tube – IMPROVED FORMULA


Mavidon Collodion HV is used for the temporary attachment of electrodes or other devices for long-term recording.

NEW IMPROVED FORMULA which is now 5 times thicker and stronger than the original HV with no runoff

Each 15ml tube is supplied with a small application nozzle that can be resealed to preserve any un-used contents

Official UK & ROI Distributors for Mavidon

Supplied in a heat sealed bag – contains 10 x 15ml tubes




Mavidon Collodion HV Improved Formula

Introducing the Mavidon Collodion HV (High Viscosity) Improved Formula, a product designed for the temporary attachment of electrodes or other devices for long-term recording.

This upgraded formula boasts a thickness and strength five times greater than the original HV, with no runoff, as highlighted in our Mavidon News Post. Additionally, Each 15ml tube comes with a small application nozzle that can be resealed to preserve any unused contents.

Biosense Medical Supplies proudly serves as the Official UK & ROI Distributors for Mavidon

Medical Application: 

Mavidon Collodion HV is utilized to attach electrodes to the skin or scalp, primarily for EEG monitoring (Ambulatory, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorders). It proves particularly useful when it is crucial to maintain secure contact for monitoring. Moreover, even on hairy, oily, or perspiring skin, when applied correctly, collodion effectively holds.

While some users have their preferred method of application (Patient Preparation), the manufacturer recommends the following steps:

Firstly, clean the surface to be bonded to remove body oils and dead skin. Next, apply a thin layer of Collodion to the electrode or gauze. Finally, to facilitate curing, force clean cool air over the electrode with an air pump to aid solvent evaporation.

Astronomy Application:

Collodion is used in the cleaning of optics, such as telescope mirrors. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Collodion is applied to the optic’s surface, often in multiple layers, with the occasional interposition of a thin cloth to ease removal. Once dry, the collodion forms a solid sheet covering the optic. Consequently, it can be carefully peeled away, removing contamination with it.

Wet Plate Photography / known as The Collodion Process:

For More information please see the following Collodion Process

Special Effects:

Collodion serves as a recommended and straightforward method for creating scars and certain burn effects.

The Manufacturer Mavidon according to their website is the largest manufacturer of collodioncollodion products, medical adhesive removers and other products for the neurology industry.

Here are some key features & uses:

  • Wound closure: It can be used to hold the edges of a wound together, thereby promoting healing and preventing infection.
  • Scar reduction: It can sometimes diminish the appearance of scars by contracting the skin, rendering the scar less noticeable.
  • Medical device adhesion: Collodion is frequently used to secure dressings, tapes, or electrodes to the skin during medical procedures or treatments.
  • Nail care: It can be used in nail care applications to protect and strengthen weak or damaged nails.
  • Film industry: Moreover, Collodion is utilized in the film industry for crafting special effects, such as simulating cuts, scars, or wrinkles on the skin.

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Watch this Video to see more details about the Manufacturer Mavidon!

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