Ten20® Conductive Paste – Adhesive – 8oz (228g) Jar


Ten20 228g Tub – Pack of 3 or 12

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We are Official UK & ROI Distributors for Weaver and Company

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3 pack, 12 pack



Ten20 Conductive Paste Electrodes stay in place

Ten20 Conductive Paste will securely hold electrodes in place, thus eliminating the need to disrupt a test to reattach the electrodes. 228g Tub – Pack of 3 or 12. Biosense Medical Supplies are Official UK & ROI Distributors for Weaver and Company

This is a reliable paste which will conduct the signal that the technologist/technician is relying on for clear results.

Contains the right balance of adhesiveness and conductivity, therefore enabling the electrodes to remain in place while allowing the transmittance of electrical signals.

Specifically formulated for use with rubber and neurodiagnostic cup electrodes.

Expert technologists and technicians throughout the world rely on the optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity of the paste. Apply the electrode using Ten20, and it will remain in place until it is removed.

Primarily used for EEG electrodes; however it is Versatile for ECG, EDA, and EEG data acquisition.

Consider the benefits of Ten20

  • Good adhesion: provides a strong bond between the electrodes and the skin, ensuring accurate and consistent signals during the procedure
  • Long-lasting: It maintains conductivity throughout the duration of the test, minimizing the need for reapplications.
  • Washable and non-drying
  • Easy to clean: The paste is easy to remove with a little water or alcohol, minimizing discomfort for the patient – In brief simply wash with warm water to remove
  • Safe and gentle: It is specially formulated to be gentle on the skin, making it suitable for use on individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Non-toxic: also does not contain any harsh ingredients, making it safe for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Convenient sizes
  • widely used by healthcare professionals and is considered a reliable and effective option for EEG tests and other neurophysiological procedures.
  • For applying 10mm electrodes in a 10/20 pattern for the following Potential Procedures: EEG TestsBrain MappingMSLT Procedures

Product Application Process:

The adhesive quality of the Ten20 Conductive Paste is usually sufficient to adhere the electrodes to the skin and provide conductivity for a neurodiagnostic exam.

  1. Place the amount of paste needed on a surface such as a strip of surgical tape.
  2. Gently abrade the skin with an abrasive product such as Nuprep®.
  3. Using a bell-shaped cup electrode with the hole in the center, place paste inside the electrode cup until it is slightly overfilled.
  4. Place the electrode onto the prepared electrode site and press with medium pressure.
  5. Use either tape or a piece of gauze to fix the electrode in place

Watch Demonstration Video to see the Ten20 Conductive Paste in use!


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