NuPrep® Skin Prep Gel, 114g (4oz) Prepping Paste


NuPrep 114g tube – 3 Pack / 12 Pack


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NuPrep Skin Prep Gel / Prepping Paste

To achieve quality tracings, proper skin preparation at the electrode site is crucial. NuPrep Skin Prep Gel / Prepping Paste, with its mild abrasiveness, effectively strips away the top layer of skin and moistens the underlying skin layer. Consequently, this process lowers the skin impedance with minimal skin irritation and discomfort experienced by the patient.

Nuprep is a mild abrasive gel utilized to prime the skin, enhancing electrode conductivity for precise readings. By eliminating dry skin that may interfere with readings and replenishing moisture in the corneum skin layer, the gel facilitates the attainment of top-tier, dependable test outcomes.

Our trusted source for Nuprep® skin gel is the manufacturer Weaver and Company which also produce Ten20® Conductive Paste and Biosense Medical Supplies is an Official UK & ROI Distributors for Weaver and Company

Nuprep skin gel is a product that is commonly used in preparation for various medical procedures [Patient Preparation].

NuPrep Skin Prep Gel has garnered an outstanding reputation due to its extensive utilization by leading Cardiovascular Technologists in medical facilities worldwide.

Furthermore, NuPrep Gel proves invaluable whenever a reduction in skin impedance would enhance the performance of a monitoring electrode. It is recommended to gently apply NuPrep Gel to the skin site prior to attaching the electrode.

Additionally, Nuprep gel is designed to also help virtually eliminate issues such as diaphoresis (excessive sweating), and unwanted artifacts muscle artifacts, ensuring smooth and reliable monitoring procedures.

NuPrep Usage:

NuPrep is applied in scenarios where reducing skin impedance can optimize test outcomes, such as EEG examinations, evoked potential procedures, ECG stress tests, cardiac rehabilitation monitoring, and cardiac catheter monitoring examinations. Its usage across these procedures contributes to improved performance of monitoring electrodes.

Application for Neurodiagnostic Electrodes – Non disposable (Bell electrodes):

  1. Moisten a cotton swab with Nuprep skin prep gel, removing any excess.
  2. Rub onto the skin lightly with 4 or 5 small circular motions about the diameter of the electrode to be used. Apply about the pressure used to file fingernails with a fingernail file on normal skin conditions. Use much less pressure for neonates and geriatric patients.
  3. Satisfactory impedances are achievable with 3 or 4 strokes of a cotton swab using very light pressure.
  4. To reduce natural skin impedance, wash the head prior to the exam and use no lotions or oils.
  5. If more gel application is necessary to reach satisfactory impedance, use one or two more light strokes, avoiding increased pressure.

Application for ECG Electrodes:

For stress test, Holter monitor, and cardiac rehabilitation electrodes

  1. First wipe the electrode site with an alcohol pad to de-fat the skin.
  2. Apply enough gel to moisten about 1/4th of a gauze pad.
  3. Apply gel sparingly by rubbing in a circular motion at each electrode site with 6 or 7
  4. Remove any excess gel with a dry part of the gauze pad.
  5. Apply self-adhering electrodes over the prepared electrode site

Most Effective Uses

  • Audiology
  • Cardiac catheter monitoring
  • Cardiac rehabilitation monitoring
  • ECG telemetry
  • EEG exams
  • Evoked potential procedures
  • Holter monitoring
  • Sleep tests
  • Stress tests


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