OneStep EEG Gel


The original EEG Gel with adhesive from OneStep.
(120g Tube)

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OneStep EEG Gel

Product background

OneStep EEG Gel – Due to the natural fat and the horny layer of the scalp, optimal contact between the scalp and electrodes is often difficult despite conductive gels. The result is incorrect or even impossible to evaluate measurement results. In fact, a lack of electrode contact is the most common source of error in EEG measurements. In order to minimize this source of error, the scalp should be prepared before applying the electrodes by degreasing and roughening the scalp.

Why OneStep EEG Gel?

Since so far only electrolyte and/or water-based preparations have been used to establish contact between electrodes and the scalp, the scalp must be prepared either manually with the help of so-called roughening sticks or with the help of a cleaning paste.
By using OneStep-EEG Gel®, the complex preparation of the scalp for the subsequent derivation is no longer necessary, as the pumice stone contained in the recipe Scalp roughened and freed from the skin’s natural oil. At the same time, the electrolytes contained in the preparation ensure conductivity to the electrodes. Degreasing, roughening and optimal conductivity are thus guaranteed by using just one gel and just one operation. In addition to saving time for the user and patient, there are no additional costs for preparing the scalp using the
methods described below.


Please shake well before use! For each application, around 5-6 g of gel (Routine EEG) is placed from the squeeze bottle onto a suitable surface. Now, for example, using a cotton swab, OneStep-EEG-Gel® is applied with light pressure and circular movements where the electrodes are to be placed. OneStep is a ready-to-use gel that is applied directly to the scalp. After the examination, the fabric covers of the electrodes are simply washed out with water. Possibly gel residue in the hair patients can also be easily removed with a little water or, after drying, with a comb or brush.

Product advantages

Since OneStep EEG-Gel® contains neither fat nor alcohol, it is skin-friendly, easy to wash out and odorless and therefore achieves a high level of acceptance by users and patients. In contrast to alcohol-containing or liquid EEG preparations, good and long-lasting conductivity (no evaporation of the alcohol content) as well as selective application to the scalp (semi-solid gel) is guaranteed, with which optimal measurement results are achieved (very low measuring resistances of 2- 5k). This could have already been demonstrated in numerous applications.
Due to these excellent physical properties, OneStep EEG-Gel® can be used to perform routine EEG as well as to derive long-term EEG, evoked potentials and nerve conduction velocities.

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